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The Innovation and Tech Expo demonstrates the ever-strengthening relationships between the Marine Corps and our industry and academic partners as we explore the emerging technologies and capabilities of next generation conflicts.

Coming off of a highly successful second year, the ITE remains the venue for Marines of I Marine Expeditionary Force and 3rd Marine Air Wing to stand side-by-side with our research and development partners.

In 2023, your journey started with Marine Corps Air Station Miramar’s story of energy resilience. Indian Energy will be onsite showcasing their Microgrid capabilities – not one watt of power was pulled from the San Diego grid to power the ITE from September 22-24, 2023. Also onsite to demonstrate how the Microgrid supported flightline operations was Schneider Electric and Opal Fuels, MCAS Miramar’s partner in renewable landfill gas electricity from the City of San Diego landfill.

The next stop in the ITE was Data Sciences. Data is essential for critical decision making – Amazon Web Services demonstrated how what we learn today will shape Miramar to be a consistent avenue of technological milestones.

Communication ensures Miramar and its community is tied together like never before – Verizon was onsite to showcase their 5G capabilities in Thor’s Hammer and why we must ensure we have the quickest and most efficient methods.

Patrons finished their experience with a glimpse into our Unmanned Systems capabilities. Kratos Defense’s high-performance aerial target systems and advanced unmanned tactical aerial platforms was on display and spoke to the Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) operations in a contested environment.

The Air Show attracts not only the public community but leaders across the Services and the Department of Defense. It is an opportunity for organizations of all sizes and purposes to connect with stakeholders and service members looking to find the next generation technology that can be adopted and utilized, through a narrative-driven, immersive experience.

If you’re looking to get involved this year, please let us know!

The Innovation and Tech Expo will be located inside of Hanger 3 (Fighter Attack Starts Here, painted on the side!).

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