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I'm not a u.s. citizen but would like to come. do i need any special form of identification to enter mcas miramar?

All foreign nationals, defined as non-U.S. citizens or anyone without legal permanent residence status, will be required to show a passport to gain entrance to the 2023 MCAS Miramar Air Show. Paper copies or pictures of the passport will not be accepted. All foreign nationals will be biometrically enrolled while passing through the security screening checkpoints entering the Air Show, and will be required to wear an issued Air Show ID at all times.

what are the dates for the 2023 air show?

September 22-24, 2023

what time does the air show begin?

Gates open at 8:00am and the show begins at 9:00am.

Is there wheelchair access to all seating areas?

Wheelchairs can access all seating areas. Special wheelchair seating in the grandstands is available, with paid admission, but limited to first-come, first-served. Grandstand seating is not reserved, so first-level seating is not guaranteed. One seat may be removed from a box of 10 seats to provide space in that area; all other seating areas are readily accessible.

What types of aircraft usually perform at the Miramar Air Show?

Performers vary from year to year.

What am i allowed to bring to the air show?

For more information on what you are permitted to bring, you can see the items list below.

what if it rains?

The show goes on, rain or shine.

is ear protection recommended?


Will the air show be televised?


How much is admission?

Admission, parking and blanket seating are FREE. “Blanket seating” refers to an open paved area where attendees can stand or sit on their own blankets. These are located at the west side of the flight line. Preferred seating areas are available for sale.

I have a DoD ID card. How many tickets can I buy for guests and/or my fellow DoD colleagues?

If you have a valid Department of Defense (DoD) ID card, there is no limit on the number of box and grandstand tickets you can purchase at the Ticket Office. There is a limit of 10 chalet tickets per transaction. The military discount, which is offered for Friday performance tickets, is limited to one discounted guest ticket per accompanying active duty or family member. Contact Miramar ITT at (858) 307-4141 for Military Discount.

Is smoking allowed on the flight line?

No; smoking is not permitted on the flight line. However, smoking is permitted north of the fence line that separates the flight line and Boyington Road; you must exit the flight line to access this area.


How do I get to the air show?
The location for the MCAS Miramar Air Show is MCAS Miramar, San Diego. You can enter through the North or Main Gate and on base staff will direct you to the parking lots. For gate directions, visit the MCAS Miramar Base's Inbound Directions.

Is there public transportation to the Air Show?


Can I take Rideshare to the show?

Yes. You may take rideshare onto base, which can pick you up/drop you off at the McDonald's parking lot located on Mitscher Way and Elrod Avenue. Note that rideshare may not travel on the flight line. At the McDonald's, there will be a shuttle to take you to the flight line entrance.

How do I know where to park? Is there a shuttle bus?

As you enter the station gates, you’ll be directed to the parking lot. Shuttles are available from all lots.

Is it possible to drop people off at the flight line entrance gates and then go park?


Can I fly my own plane into Miramar?

No. Only pre-approved static display and performer aircraft are allowed to fly into MCAS Miramar.

Can I fly my own plane into Miramar?

No. Only pre-approved static display and performer aircraft are allowed to fly into MCAS Miramar.

Will there be RV/travel trailer parking?

RV/Travel Trailers are allowed onto the air station. No overnight parking, tailgating or viewing of the Air Show from your RV/travel trailer is allowed. All patrons will need to go to the flight line to view the show.

Are buses allowed? If so, where will they be directed for parking?

Yes, buses are allowed. Buses should enter the West Gate off Miramar Road. Keep in mind that if the bus driver leaves the station, it will be difficult to return.

Is handicapped parking available? If so, where will they be directed for parking?

Yes, handicapped parking is available. If your vehicle has a handicapped license plate decal or windshield pass, you should enter the station through the West or North Gates off Miramar Rd. Please view the Parking Map for directions to West and North Gates from the I-805 and I-15 freeways. Handicapped parking is first come, first served.

Do you have a handicap shuttle on the flight line?

Yes. Limited handicap shuttles are ONLY available between entry/exit gates on the flight line. Shuttles are not available to transport to parking areas or specific chalet/seating locations.

Amenities & Services

Will wagons or strollers be available to rent?


Will ATMs be available?

Yes. They are located by the Air Show Expo-Hangar 3, and on the flight line near the Grandstand and Chalet areas. Visit our resources tab for maps and our directory.

What about hotels or restaurants in the area?

San Diego is a major travel destination.

Is overnight camping allowed (ex: Boy or Girl Scout camping)?


Will scooters and wheelchairs be available to rent?


are maps online?

Yes. For the event, safety, and tram map along with other resources, you can visit our resource page.

Permitted/Prohibited Items

If you’re wondering what you are allowed to bring with you to the Air Show, this is your ultimate resource. Due to the nature of the Miramar Air Show’s location, there are a number of items you can and cannot bring. Please note that the clear bag policy will be in place.

Permitted Items

      • Keys, makeup, feminine products, comb, phone, wallet, credit cards, etc. in your pockets if you choose not to put them in a clear bag or clutch

      • One large clear bag per person is allowed
            • A one-gallon Ziploc bag or commercially purchased clear bag plus a small clutch for personal items

            • Easily searched large PVC vinyl clear bags

        • Clear seat cushions and seat pads without pockets, zippers, compartments, or covers are permitted

        • Snacks and water bottles

        • Wagons (i.e. radio flyers) and strollers

        • Service animals

        • Laptop computers/iPads, if brought in a clear bag. No laptop bags/briefcase bags will be permitted.

        • Binoculars/cameras

        • Beach folding chairs, lawn chairs, and stadium chairs

      Prohibited Items

        • Coolers/ice chests are NOT permitted with the exception for medically necessary items which are permitted after proper inspection at a specified lane at each gate

        • Large traditional seat cushions that have pockets, zippers, compartments, or covers are not permitted

        • Outside alcoholic beverages

        • FRS/GMRS radios, VHF band and other scanners

        • Transmitters/trans-receivers

        • Bags, purses, totes, backpacks and other types of baggage other than bags conforming to the clear bag policy will not be permitted

        • Weapons of any kind (regardless of permit) to include, but not limited to firearms, knives (including pocket knives and multi-tools), replica or toy weapons, pepper spray, mace, stun guns, and martial arts weapons.

        • Outside alcoholic beverages

        • Ice chests or coolers that are not medically required

        • Pets (other than service animals)

        • Glass containers

        • Bicycles, roller skates, roller blades, scooters (kick and electric), skateboards, or hoverboards

        • Personal drones (i.e. quad or hex copters) are not allowed to operate on Federal Property or airspace.

        • Lasers or laser pointers

        • Tents, pop-ups, canopies

        • Hand umbrellas are allowed but are NOT authorized in the Grandstands or Box Seating at any time

        • Tailgating/BBQ

      • Federally banned substances such as illicit narcotics, and California legal substances like marijuana.

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